Blazn’ HOT (12oz)


Rustic Tomato was created to bring back home-crafted flavorful food without the fuss.  Chili Sauce, once a staple in American homemade cuisine, has been brought back to the table with mouthwatering appreciation from young and old.  We aggressively strive to use high quality, fresh, non-GMO ingredients with no additives to deliver a 100% natural, feel-good, comfort-food product.  Slow-cooked goodness for your fast-paced life. Up the flavor!

Blazn’ HOT

We stepped outside our comfort zone and as has been said about this one- “NAILED IT!”  Combining our homemade flavor and signature sweetness, this one starts nice and slowly turns up the heat with the perfect blend of Super Hots- Ghost, Scorpion and Habanero chili peppers.  A combined Scoville banquet of around 2.8 million.  We set out to bring the heat while maintaining flavor, so while Blazn’ hot, this one still lets you enjoy your experience.  It really does hurt so good.  


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